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The Settings Thresholds tab contains threshold settings for PlayoutONE as described below:

Setting Name Description 
Trim InThis is the level in decibels that PlayoutONE will use to detect where a TrimIn should be. (Default -60) 
Trim OutThis is the level in decibels that PlayoutONE will use to detect where a TrimOut should be. (Default -90) 
Extro OutThis is the level in decibels that PlayoutONE will use to detect where a fade out should be  
This is shown as the Extro marker on a track. (Default -12) 
Fade TimeThis is the time in milliseconds which PlayoutONE will take to fade a track at the extro point to a volume of 0 if the track is set as a fade. (Default 2000) 
Pre FadeThis is the time in milliseconds which will start a fade before the extro point. (Default 1000) 
Pre Fade ToThis is the percentage the volume will fade to by the time it has reached the extro point. (Default 65) 
Determine that audio fades if difference between fade point and trim out is greater than X millisecondsThis will automatically mark the track as a fade if the difference between the Extro and TrimOut markers exceeds the value you have set here 
Duck In Time and Duck Out TimeThis is how long the Duck will take for the fade to happen. if the track is being played with a type that is set to Duck 
Duck Volume ThresholdThis is the volume threshold (of the cart that is set to duck) at which the duck will be triggered 
Stream bufferWhen using the Stream player, this is the length of time that audio will be buffered for 
Only HookNext items with hooks that are less than X secondsWhen using the Hook next command
See this article for more information on the HookNext command: Hook Next
Enable LUFS NormalisationLUFS is our normalisation system, which scans every audio file that you import and analyses the perceived loudness of the item. A reference level is then calculated so that PlayoutONE can adjust the volume on playback so that all songs are perceived to the human ear to be at the same level. For more information on LUFS see here
LUFS Playback LevelThis is the target database level which is used by LUFS as a reference to try and playback each piece of audio in PlayoutONE to. The recommended setting for this is -16db. Individual carts can be altered within the edit audio window. 
Normalise on importThis will automatically perform normalisation when the file is imported 
Find Extro automatically on import of audioThis will find the Extro point automatically (as defined by the Fade-out threshold setting you have defined) 
Auto trim automatically on import of audioThis will automatically set the Trim In and Trim Out markers (as defined by the Trim In/Trim Out settings you have defined) 
Disable Auto Mixdown when Mixdown Markers are detectedWhen this option is selected, if your log contains Mixdown break markers, pressing the Mixdown option will not automatically perform the mixdown. By default, this option is not checked.

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