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The Settings General tab contains general settings for PlayoutONE as described below:

Setting Name Description 
Data PathThis is the data folder where the PlayoutONE database resides. If you wish to run your system over a network you will need to copy the database to your server and then set this to point at the data folder. 
Audio PathThis is the folder that will store any audio that PlayoutONE uses. Consolidated audio is placed here and so are files which have been normalised or anything recorded directly into PlayoutONE like voice tracks and audio recorded via the edit audio screen. 
Import audio to the audio folderThis instructs PlayoutONE to store all audio in the audio folder.
If you decide to set this after importing files then you can always get existing audio copied to the audio folder by clicking the Consolidate Audio Now button. 
Allow duplicate audio items to be importedThis setting allows for duplicate audio items to be added onto the system. This is based off the files md5 hash, so this means even if the file has a different name, if that physical item is already in the system it will be classed as a duplicate 
Quick key pause on 2nd playBy default, the quick keys will fade out the item on the second click. Choosing this option will make the key pause and resume playing rather than fading out. 
Don't check for files outside of the audio folderInstructs PlayoutONE to not use the original audio file as a backup should the file not be in the main audio folder. 
Disable audio editing abilitiesThis locks off access to add, edit or delete audio. This helps lock down the system. 
Enable PlayoutONE KeyboardThis makes PlayoutONE check for keypresses, this needs to be enabled if you are using one of our PlayoutONE Keyboards, see the article for a list of keyboard shortcuts.
Sequential UIDWhen checked, PlayoutONE will look for the next available UID starting at 0. When unchecked, the next available UID will be found by starting at the largest UID in the database. For example, if in the library we have UIDs 2,3,5 then with this option checked the next available UID would be 1. If the option was unchecked the next available UID would be 6.
Convert M4A/AAC filesWhen PlayoutONE imports M4A or AAC files they are converted, you can use this setting to change whether they are converted to MP3 files or WAV files 
Station Name / IDThis allows you to specify the name of your station, this will adjust the title in the top bar of PlayoutONE 
StraplineThis allows you to specify the name of your station, this will adjust the title in the top bar of PlayoutONE 
Change Main LogoThis allows you to browse for a logo to display on any printed media (reports etc), this also shows on the top bar of PlayoutONE. This has a maximum size of 300kb and doesn't appear on the splash screen 
Password Protect SettingsThis allows you to set a password which needs to be entered before a user can access the settings menu

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