Silence & Emergency

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LiveStream can monitor your audio levels and perform certain tasks when silence has been detected like playing an emergency file, emailing you to let you know there is a silence and sending alternative audio to another sound device.

By default, whichever sound device you are streaming, the audio levels will be represented on the main LiveStream screen at the bottom right of the app. They will also be shown on the Silence & Emergency page in Settings. This is to assist with setting the threshold slider.

Threshold %

The slider underneath the level meter represents where the audio must drop below before determining silence (default 10%).

If audio level goes below the threshold set above... play the file

When you enable this option, if the audio drops below the threshold you have set for more than the amount of seconds you set, then it will play the file selected in the field underneath. To choose this file click the ... button at the right of this field.

Note: When audio begins to play, if the silence continues longer than the length of the audio playing then the audio will loop and play over. It will do this continuously until audio returns. 

Also play to this audio device

This option allows you to send the emergency audio to an additional audio device.

Pass audio levels to PlayoutONE Monitor

Enabling this allows the audio levels to be sent directly to PlayoutONE Monitor for additional monitoring.

Send E-Mail when silence is detected

You can setup LiveStream to email you, or a number of people, a notification when silence has been detected and audio has returned. In order to receive these notifications you need to check this option to turn in on then setup your email settings, which you can get to by clicking the E-Mail Settings button. For more information on how to set the email settings up then see the E-Mail section.

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