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LiveStream allows you to process your streamed audio using DSP and VST plugins. You can chain these together in the order that you want should you wish to do this. All processed audio is streamed, although it is possible to set an encoder to bypass this processing. You can find out more about this in the Encoders section.

Add Plugin

In order to add a plugin, you click the + icon and this will prompt you to find the plugin in question. When you choose it and it's added into the list, the details about the plugin will be read and shown to help identify it.

Remove Plugin

If you want to remove a plugin from the list then click on the plugin to highlight it and then click the - icon. This will prompt you to confirm you want to do this.

Enable / Disable a Plugin

It is possible to include a plugin on the list and not enable it so it isn't included in the processing of the audio. By default when you add a plugin you will see a tick appear on the right side of the entry on the list for that plugin. This means it's to be included in the process chain. In order to remove it from the chain, right-click on the item in the list and it will toggle the tick making it disappear. This now means it's not to be included in the process chain. Right-click again to re-enable it. This is a good way to bypass a plugin without having to open the plugins config and select the bypass option.

Change Order

If you have more than one plugin in the list and you want to change the order in which they are chained then click a plugin to select it and then click the up or down icons.

Note: Plugins are processed from top to bottom of the list, so the raw audio is passed through the first plugin on the list, then that processed audio is passed through the second on the list and so on. 

Plugin Configuration

In order to be able to configure a plugin, it must first be activated. If it's active then when you select the plugin in the list you will see the Plugin Configuration button becomes enabled. If it is enabled then you can click it to open the plugins configuration screen. If the button isn't enabled then the plugin mustn't be active.

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