Playout Commands

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PlayoutONE Commands

The commands window allows you to define your own commands which can then be inserted into the log, scheduled in an AutoDJ profile, added to a cart, added to a QuickKey, scheduled by the Traffic or Music Scheduler, or inserted via WebVT®.

For example, PlayoutONE allows you to load a stream from the internet for playback. This can be used for syndicated news feeds or just to include an MP3 that may be hosted on the web If this URL never changes then you can setup a pre-defined command from the commands window to call back at any time.

The predefined commands are based on PlayoutONE commands and to add one you choose a standard command from the dropdown, enter the custom parameters (like a URL for the STREAM LOAD command), set a Friendly Name (Friendly names are shown in place of the command itself and be used in Traffic and Music Schedulers) then click the ‘Add’ button.


Command Parameters Example Description 
ADJUST TIMING MARKERS ADJUST TIMING MARKERS When placed into an hour, the last Soft, Hit or Gap Marker will be altered to reflect items after it so they are back timed. E.G. if you have a soft marker at 59:00 and 3minutes worth of content after it, PlayoutONE will alter the Soft Marker to be 57:00 automatically.  
ANNOUNCE TEMP See Announce Temp
ANNOUNCE TIME See Announce Time
ASI See Audio Science
ADVANTECH See Advantech
ASSIGN EXEPECTED PLAYERS Reassigns the Expected Players 
AUTOMATION OFF Turns Automation Off 
AUTOMATION ON Turns Automation On 
DC OFF See Data Controller
DC ON See Data Controller 
DC SELECTIVE MODE See Data Controller Selective Mode
DC SENDCMD See Data Controller
DUMPFADE PlayerNumberToFade (Optional) DUMPFADE 2 Fades current player or specified player and ejects it. 
EMAIL See Email 
FADE PLAYER X TO %Y %Z X = Player Number, @PLAYER (which is a variable replaced internally for the calling player) or @CURRENTPLAYER (which will attribute the fade to the current playing player)  

%Y is the volume in % you want to change to
%Z is the time in milliseconds that you want this to happen.
FADE PLAYER @CURRENTPLAYER TO 20 500 Fades the targeted player to a volume% 
FADE QUICKEY Number Of Quickey or ALL FADE QUICKEY 2 Fades the specified Quick Key or All. 
FADEMANAGER OFF Turns the Fademanager Off 
FADEMANAGER ON Turns the Fademanager On 
FADESTOP Sets the current playing players chain to a Stop, and then fades it. 
FILLMARKER Used in conjunction with RunToTime, by default RunToTime will fill the hour if under running by adding filler items at the back of the hour. Place a FillMarker to override this and have filler items appear after the FillMarker. 
FINDNEARESTTONOW Synchronises PlayoutONE to the nearest current time in the log based on Airtime. 
FORCEAIRTIMES Off Blanks Airtimes from items in the log the are not going to play. 
FORCEAIRTIMES On Show Airtimes from items in the log that are not going to play. 
GAPMARKER GAPMARKER 30:00 Calculates a Gap Time based on the time on the marker. 
GRABSYNCGO Takes OnAir Control, Syncs the log to the current position and executes a Play Next. 
HITMARKER Time (MM:SS) HITMARKER 59:59 Fades any current playing item at the time of the Hit Marker. The next item to play will be the item directly after the Hit Marker. 
HOOKNEXT See Hook Next
Disables any Hit or Soft Markers.
HSMARKER ENABLE Enables Hit or Soft Markers 
IPCOMMAND IP:PORT COMMAND IPCOMMAND STOP Sends an IP Command via socket to IP:Port.  
KEYSET Quick Key Page Name KEYSET JOHN Changes the Quick Key Page. 
LIVE MUTE OFF UnMutes the Live Mute device set in Hardware Settings 
LIVE MUTE ON Mutes the Live Mute device set in Hardware Settings. 
LOCALMERGE END Time in mm:ss LOCALMERGE END 50:00 Denotes where a LocalMerge break ends. 
LOCALMERGE START Time in mm:ss LOCALMERGE START 50:00 Denotes where a LocalMerge break starts. 
MIXPLAY UID,0 or 1 (0 = plays entire item, 1 plays just the hook) MIXPLAY 123,1,124,1 
MIXPLAY SNIPPET XXX Name Of Snippet MIXPLAY SNIPPET RAINDELAYSNIPPET Plays the contents of a Snippet in the MixPlayer away from the main log. This is useful for Rain Delays within Sports Broadcasts. 
MIXSTOP Stops the Mix Player 
MUTE LOG ON / OFF MUTE LOG ON Mutes the Log so that anything playing through the players is not outputted. 
NETPLAY UID NETPLAY 7862 Plays UID on the Network Player 
NETPLAY VOLUME PERCENTAGE (0-100) NETPLAY VOLUME 10 Sets the Volume of the Net Player. This resets back to 100 each time PlayoutONE is opened. 
NETWORKMERGE END Time in mm:ss NETWORKMERGE END 50:00 Denotes where NetworkMerge break ends. 
NETWORKMERGE START Time in mm:ss NETWORKMERGE START 50:00 Denotes where a NetworkMerge break starts. 
NOTE NoteText NOTE HELLO EVERYONE Shows a note in the Log. 
OFFAIR Turns PlayoutONE Off Air 
ONAIR Turns PlayoutONE OnAir 
PLAY NEXT Plays the next Item. 
PLAY NEXT CUE Cues the log to the next instance of the CUE MARK and then Plays Next 
PLAY QUICKKEY Number PLAY QUICKKEY 2 Plays a specific Quick Key 
PLAY UID UID. For example PLAY UID 4 Plays a specific UID. 
PMERGE END Time in mm:ss PMERGE End 50:00 Denotes where PMerge break ends. 
PMERGE START Time in mm:ss  PMERGE Start 50:00 Denotes where PMerge break starts. 
REMOTE Command to Send REMOTE COM-A *0123 Sends any command to Data Controller 
RESOLVEROTATES DateTime or PlaylistName RESOLVEROTATES 2021-01-01 14:00:00 Resolves the rotates for a specific time. 
RUNAPP RUNAPP app.exe>parameters RUNAPP C:\Scripts\Backup.bat>45 Runs an application, executable or a Bat File You can add parameters if needed by adding a > after the filename.
NOTE: This command returns immediately and doesn't wait for the app to run or close before continuing.
SOCIAL See Social Media
SOFTMARKER Time (MM:SS) SOFTMARKER 59:59 Deletes anything between the current playing item and the SoftMarker at the time of the SoftMarker. The current playing item is allowed to finish, but the next item to play will be the item directly after the Soft Marker.
SPLIT CALL Command To Send SPLIT CALL SPLIT COMMAND DELAY 1000 Sends a command to any Split Machines connected. 
SPLIT COMMAND DELAY Delay in MS SPLIT COMMAND DELAY 1000 Sets the delay of processing split commands.  
SPLIT COMMAND STOP Send a Stop Everything to all connected Split Machines. 
SPLIT MASTER MachineIP or Name SPLIT MASTER P1-ONAIR-2 Changes the Split Master of a Split Machine. 
STOP EVERYTHING Stops Everything From Playing 
STREAM FADE Fades the current playing internet stream 
(Pro: Local File)

STREAM LOAD C:\Temp\File.wav
Loads an internet stream.
In Pro you can load a local WAV file too which allows you to play something which is still being recorded as long as the file is being recorded directly to disk.
If you provide a command immediately after the filename or stream you can trigger a PLAY NEXT for example:
NOTE: Always make sure filenames DO NOT have spaces in them.
STREAM PLAY Plays the loaded Internet Stream 
STREAM STOP Stop the loaded Internet Stream 
STREAM VOLUME VolumeLevel (1-100) STREAM VOLUME 50 Sets the Internet Stream Volume  
STRETCH END Denotes the end of a Stretch Block 
STRETCH START Time in mm:ss STRETCH START 03:00 Denotes the start of a Stretch Block and stretches the contents between the Stretch Start and Stretch End. 
SYNC TO Date and Time, in the format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss SYNC TO 2022-05-24 08:00:00 Instructs PlayoutONE to sync to the date and time specified in the command. 
TEMPLATE BUILDER START Inserted as a Note Item (will need NOTE: on the front if coming from a Music Scheduler) Instructs Template Builder to build template from this note onwards. 
TOGGLE Toggles the chain of the current item. 
TRAFFICMERGE END Time in mm:ss TRAFFICMERGE END 50:00 Denotes where a TrafficMerge break ends 
TRAFFICEMERGE START Time in mm:ss TRAFFICMERGE START 50:00 Denotes where a TrafficMerge break starts. 
TRAFFICMERGE Start Time in mm:ss - End Time in mm:ss TRAFFICMERGE 20:00-24:00 Used only in Music Logs to place a pair of traffic merge start and end points into PlayoutONE Automatically. 
VBAN See VBAN manual at 
WAIT Time in hh:mm:ss, mm:ss, or ss WAIT 00:05 would insert a wait for 5 seconds Holds the PlayoutONE Log up for a set duration. 
XLOG PLAY NEXT Sends a Play Next Command to the xLog 
XLOG STOP EVERYTHING Issues an immediate Fade on the current item in the xLog and then Stops the xLog 
XLOG LOAD XXX Name of XLOG Template XLOG LOAD NFLPRE Loads a new xLog Template into xLog. If a template is already loaded, then the template being loaded will be appended. Issue an XLOG CLEAR first to clear the xLog. 
XLOG CLEAR Clears the currently loaded xLOG 
XLOG AUTOMATION ON Changes the xLog's Automation State to On 
XLOG AUTOMATION OFF Changes the xLog's Automation State to Off

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