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Setting Name Description 
Sync on startup but don't play Choosing this option will make the log sync to the nearest time to now upon startup, however, it won't start playing until Play next is pressed 
Cue Time If ticked this will activate queuing of items on the log, this means that at the number of seconds you have specified before the end of the current item, the next item in the log will be queued ready to play at its correct time 
Resolve rotates X hours ahead This determines how far ahead PlayoutONE will resolve rotates, setting this to 0 will disable this setting and they will be resolved as the log plays 
Follow the log after X minutes of inactivity This will automatically "Home" the log after a period of inactivity 
Sync on Startup and Play. This will Sync the log to the nearest time to now and then start playing the log 
Do not log played audio to history This won't keep track of past plays of audio items when you use the Audio history report within the media finder. 
Delete log played items older than X days This determines how many days in the log you would be able to look back through. We recommend setting this to the amount of time you may wish to run reconciliation logs for.  
Set new items added to Log as chain When a new item is dragged into the log if this is ticked then the item will be a green chain, if this is not ticked the item will be a red stop 
Use M1 scheduling categories This should be checked if you are using MusicONE as your music scheduler 
Use all 4 players instead of 3 This will allow the log to use all 4 players instead of just using 3 of them, this is useful if you have a lot of short items in quick succession and need to make sure of all players.
Respect Drop Rules with Soft Markers If this option is unchecked when a Soft marker is reached all types will be dropped (regardless of how they are set in the Type Manager)
If this option is checked, when a Soft marker is reached, only types that are permitted to be dropped (as defined in the Type Manager) will be dropped. This can be useful to ensure Commercials play at the end of an hour. 
Disable on-air ability on this machine Choosing this option will prevent the machine from being able to go on-air 
Always show parent rotate title on child rotate items This option will always show the title of the rotate parent, rather than the title of the resolved item itself 
Show Data Controller Selective Mode Status   This adds the current Data controller relay status to the top of the log window.
Prevent hard delete on the log This option will prevent hard deleting on the log, soft deleting will only be possible. 
Turn on Auto when items play When enabled, if you disable Automation, it will enable itself automatically again when the next Play event happens. 

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