Formatting Clocks For Music Master

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If you use Music Master to schedule your music logs, you will create LOGNOTES in the following string format to schedule commands.

Please find below a list of the commonly used commands for PlayoutONE and the correct syntax to use.

Traffic Merge

TRAFFICMERGE mm:ss-mm:ss

TRAFFICMERGE mm:ss-mm:ss

Where the first mm is the minute of the commercial start point and the first ss is the start second. The second mm is the end minute and the second ss is the end seconds.

Therefore, if your commercial break is in your traffic system as 5 minutes to 8 minutes after the hour, you will use this log note.

TRAFFICMERGE 05:00-07:59

Expanding on this, if you had a weather sponsor at 8 past for 10 seconds afterward, your log notes would be back to back as the following:

TRAFFICMERGE 05:00-07:59
TRAFFICMERGE 08:00-08:09

This ensures the correct creative goes in the correct place. You can also put program elements between the log notes like a weather intro for example.

Split Commercial Break

To schedule a split commercial break, you should add the following line to your clocks as a log note.


XX:YY is the break time. 

ZZZZZZZ is the desired break duration is miliseconds.

For example, to schedule a break at 10:00 for 3 minutes (180000 miliseconds) the log note you'd schedule in the log would be:


For the avoidance of doubt, a TRAFFICMERGE is not required for a commercial break that is going to be played on a split.


Soft Marker


Hit Marker


Specific UID




Log Notes

If you wish to schedule a log note, such as to indicate where a voicetrack should be placed, you should put NOTE: at the start of your log note. 

For example, to insert a log note saying 'VOICE TRACK HERE', you'd schedule the following:


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