Audio & Marker Tab

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Within the Audio and Markers tab, you have access to the following controls.


Markers can be added to the audio item by clicking on the waveform and clicking the Set button next to the desired marker. Clicking the Marker label will cue the audio to that point. 

You can move Markers around in the Waveform by grabbing the Marker label and moving to the desired location. 

Marker Description 
Trim In Where PlayoutONE will start the audio from 
Intro Where the vocals start within the audio. Please note that for the Oversweep function to work you will need a valid intro marker.  
Hook In Where the hook of the song begins. 
Hook Out Where the hook of the song finishes. 
Early Extro Pro Only. When the current playing item is marked as an Oversweep, this marker is used to control where the next item starts playing.
Usually this is the same as the Extro marker however in certain circumstances you may want a piece of production to only Oversweep from a certain point in the audio. 
Extro Where the item should segue into the next item in the Log should begin. 
Trim Out Where PlayoutONE will eject the audio from a player should the audio not be marked as a Fade. 
Find Extro
Automatically finds the Extro of the audio based on the threshold value set within the Settings menu. 
Find Trims Button Automatically find the Trim In and Trim out of the audio based on the thresholds set within the Settings menu. 

Other Functions 

Function Description 
LUFS dB Controls the LUFS dB playback volume offset. Adjust this if you think the audio sounds too loud or quite when running in LUFS mode 
Set Tempo Alters the tempo of the audio so upon playback the audio plays faster or slower. 
Volume Automation Within the waveform you can control the volume automation points by simply clicking and dragging. To insert a volume automation point, click anywhere on the white line. The white line for new items is at the very top of the waveform. 

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