Integrating With Weatherology

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PlayoutONE and Weatherology offer an integration for clients which allows regular, advisory and severe weather forecasts to be automatically be ingested and scheduled into PlayoutONE Pro.


Users can configure their weather forecasts via the Weatherology control panel. During the setup process, Weatherology will ask you to specify the PlayoutONE Cart numbers for each forecast type. If they do not ask you for these please reach out to them to make sure they are set.


When Weatherology sends through a Severe or Advisory forecast, PlayoutONE can automatically schedule this for you in the log. To configure this, you'll need to create a Snippet containing all of the items you want to be scheduled in the log.


When a s Severe Forecast is sent through you may want the snippet to contain:
* WeatherBed
* Severe Weather Bulletin
* Weather Commercial. 

Create a Snippet for both Advisory and Severe forecasts. If you prefer, you can use the same Snippet for both forecast types, although if running in a Multi Station environment, you'll need to create a snippet for each station.

Please note that regular forecasts will be downloaded and imported normally and played wherever you have scheduled them.

PlayoutONE Auto Importer 

Create a Weatherology Import Job for the Weatherology integration. 

1. Click New
2. Set the Import Name to Weatherology and set the Import Method to Specific UID
3. Create a new directory within your current import folder on your PlayoutONE Server (This is usually located at \\SERVERNAME\PlayoutONE\Import) Call it Weatherology. Once created, select this in Auto Importer.
4. Under the Overrides Tab set the Type to the desired Type and also Category (if needed)
5. In the Cart Details section set artist to be %DATETIME%
6. Click Save

PlayoutONE FileCopy 

To setup the Weatherology integration you need to create a new job in PlayoutONE FileCopy.

1. Click Add
2. Title the Job Weatherology and select your station from the station drop-down if running in a Multi Station environment.
3. From the Source tab choose Weatherology
4. Enter your Weatherology Username, Password and Directory (if required)
5. Choose which stations to enable the Weatherology Integration for.
6. Click Snippet Settings and choose the Snippets for each weather forecast and also where you'd like them to be placed in the log.
7. From the Destination tab, pick the Auto Importer Job setup earlier.
8. From the Schedule tab, set the schedule that you'd like FileCopy to check in with Weatherology. We recommend every two minutes.
9. Click Add Job.

Now that all steps have been configured, FileCopy will check in with Weatherology regularly. Should a new weather forecast be available it will then be downloaded and imported. If Weatherology sends through an Advisory or Severe forecast, then it will also be scheduled into the log.

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