Setting Up Metadata Outputs in Monitor

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PlayoutONE allows you to share metadata from your automation system with several external service providers, including websites, mobile apps, streaming providers and serial encoders.

These outputs can be configured and managed through the Station Settings panel within the Monitor application.

Metadata outputs can be managed within Monitor

You can send metadata to other parts of the PlayoutONE suite, the Aiir CMS, or other third-party services. 

FileCopy cue sheets

Once enabled, you can make use of the 'Generate Cue Sheet' option within FileCopy recordings.

HTTP GET and POST requests

PlayoutONE can interact with any HTTP web server using GET or POST requests.

You need to set up the URL and authentication details (username/password) for your chosen server, as well as the return value and parameters to send.

Icecast and Shoutcast

Metadata can be sent directly to your Icecast or Shoutcast streaming servers. Once you have chosen your stream type, enter your server details (IP address and port number, password and SID or mount point).

RDS encoders

PlayoutONE can send metadata to Audemat, Audessence, Deva and Inovonics-compatible RDS encoders.

You just need to choose your device model, enter its IP address and specify a port to use.

Serial devices

You can send metadata from PlayoutONE to serial devices attached to your server or Monitor PC.

All you need to do is choose which COM port to use and the device's baud rate.


PlayoutONE can send metadata to a server using TCP or UDP. Just specify your server's IP address and port number, as well as the data you wish to send.


PlayoutONE can keep TuneIn updated with your station's recently played tracks. 

To set it up, just enter your Partner ID, Station ID and Partner Key.

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