Auto Importer Details Tab

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Auto Importer can be configured to run a number of different jobs. We call these profiles. To add a profile to Auto Importer, click New from the Auto Importer toolbar and a new window will open to create a new job.

Import Details Tab

Import Name The name of the profile. 
Import Method See Import Methods below 
Import Folder The folder to monitor for the content. This option is not required when using the Nexus import method 
StationThe station that this profile belongs to. This is only relevant for the Import Log & Nexus import methods 
Failed Retry Interval The amount of time in seconds that Auto Importer should wait before retrying to import a failed file. A file may fail to import if it is locked or the audio you wish to update is currently playing. 
Days To Retain Files Auto Importer automatically moves files to either the Imported or Failedsubfolder within the Import Folder. This setting denotes the number of days files should remain in this subfolder before they are deleted. 
Import Enabled Enables or Disables the import profile. 
Recursive Import When enabled, Auto Importer will look for files to import within subfolders of the Import Folder. When disabled, Auto Importer will only look for files directly in the Import Folder. 

Import Methods

Import Audio: New UID Imports audio files from the Import Folder. Files imported will be given the next available UID within the database. 
Import Audio: Specific UID Imports audio files from the Import Folder. This method updates existing audio within PlayoutONE. The filename must be named as the UID to update. E.g 123.wav will update the UID 123 in PlayoutONE. If the item doesn't already exist within PlayoutONE then it will be created. 
Import Log: Music & Traffic Imports a music log with file extension .dpl or a traffic log with extension .tpl into PlayoutONE. For Music and Traffic Log specification see Music & Traffic Log Specifications
Integration: Music Master (Nexus) Sets up a connection with the Music Master Nexus server for synchronisation of audio and data between PlayoutONE and Music Master. 
Merge: File Merge Instructs auto importer to watch for up to three files and merge together based on an order column within each file.  

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